“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”





  1.  Once in a lifetime opportunity to have three institutions in one franchise agreement’s which totally one complete wellness establishment.

We call it, one stone hit three birds in which your client will have variety of selection in one roof.


    2.  We provide comprehensive experience to give to any our franchisee that will be part of our team.


   3.  We anticipated giving peace of mind, comforting from the stress of daily work and struggles. Offers simple pleasure and rejuvenating        experiences with our signature services, from Choppy Cut hair Salon, Moontana Body Massage & Skin Fresh is intended to be one stop shop that complete wellness packages arrange for you in one place to relax and enjoy the day to fully ease your stress.


   4.  Our teams indicate the selection of wellness packages in above in franchise agreements and provide step by step either focus on relieving your body of tension with massages or beauty treatments to give yourself that extra glow.


   5.  Moontana Body Massage, choose to experience the VIP packages that provide complete or the full body massage bundle comprising body scrub (barako or Whitening) ,Russian sauna, Ventosa, hot stone, ear candle, relaxing aromatic oil massage, Lotion Massage plus many more and personally our therapist will be fully assist you including she/he will doing you privately and comprehensive bath to feel like royal king and queen.


   6.  The Choppy Cut hair salon developed a full Hair management to your needs, like few of them, cut with blow dry, hair color, Hair rebond, treatment like, Diamante, Kera Collagen, Botox, , Magic touch, Brazilian, hi-lites, bleaching and other numerous services. The package specially prepare for you to relax and to have full spark.


   7.  The Skin Fresh is you’re eliminator for all increasing hair in the whole body parts. We provide skin waxing that will be fully intended for whole body parts including the sensitive and private parts of yours.