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Choppy Cut Hair Salon, Moontana Body Massage & Skin Fresh


We are intended to give peace of mind, comfort from the stress of daily work and struggles. Offers simple pleasure and rejuvenating experiences with our signature services, from Choppy Cut hair Salon, Moontana Body Massage & Skin Fresh is intended to be one stop shop that complete wellness packages arrange for you in one place to relax and enjoy the day to fully ease your stress. You can have it, like one stone in three birds at a time. It’s very blessed to have you this privileged. Choose from a selection of wellness packages in above in one establishment. That either focus on relieving your body of tension with massages or beauty treatments to give yourself that extra glow.



Our purpose is to inspire, enliven, and enhance people's lives via the use of beauty. We strive towards greatness by creating goals, sharing knowledge, and communicating with both our clients and one another.


Our objective is to establish a spa environment in which everyone feels at ease and welcome. We promise to support the team's professional and personal growth. Our aim is to inspire our clients on a regular basis and to lead the salon and spa industry with integrity, respect, and pride.

Our Core Values

We make every attempt to meet and even surpass our clients' expectations while offering high-quality services in a timely way.


To be dedicated to quality. To be mature, with self-respect and respect for the organization. To see it through. To demonstrate competence in the beauty industry.


To be dependable, fair, and honest. To put our money where our mouth is. To take responsibility for our labor and pay our fair part.


To value other people's perspectives. To pay attention. To be tolerant. To be considerate and welcoming of others.


Teamwork. To be willing to collaborate with others to achieve common aims and interests.